“Writing is the painting of the voice” – Voltaire


Toast Points was developed in 2015 for your ghost writing and “toast whispering” needs.


hello and welcome

First and foremost, congratulations on being asked to share at such an important event.

As the Director of Catering for Boka Restaurant Group at Viceroy Chicago, twelve years of event planning and over 700 executed weddings and special events; I’ve heard my fair share of toasts and (unintentional) roasts.

I understand that speech writing and public speaking are tasks with which many people are not necessarily experienced or comfortable. If you have trepidation or find yourself in need of guidance, I am here to help.

With a degree in Communications, extensive public speaking and lecturing experience and as a published writer, I would be honored to not only transcribe your memories and sentiments but also re-construct them into a cohesive, engaging, and well timed toast. 

Professionals are hired for all elements of an event; your words should be as well.

To a beautiful partnership-